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Measuring Provider Directory Accuracy the Way Your Members Do
Can your members quickly and easily make a healthcare appointment using only online directory information? If the answer is no, you may not have an accurate provider directory—despite achieving compliance benchmarks.

Join Meghan Gaffney, Veda CEO, and Dr. Rishi Patel, Data Science Manager at Veda, as they explain how to achieve a truly accurate provider directory. With a directory free of duplicates, inaccuracies, and inactive providers, health plans can move beyond compliance and boost member satisfaction and retention.

During the Measuring Provider Directory Accuracy the Way Your Members Do webinar on March 24, 2023, we will:

-Explain why attestation isn’t the best tool for measuring provider data accuracy
-Take a detailed look at Veda’s approach to the provider-at-location data issue using data science
-Discuss what’s possible once provider directory accuracy is achieved

Health payers, health systems, and anyone encountering provider data challenges are invited to this free 45-minute webinar hosted by Veda.


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Meghan Gaffney
CEO and Co-Founder @Veda
With over 15 years of experience working with federal and state elected officials and consulting on technology opportunities, Meghan Gaffney has experience helping people—from elected leaders to impact organizations—achieve their goals. She is a passionate advocate for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and believes it will create unprecedented economic opportunity for the United States and the world.
Dr. Rishi Patel
Data Science Manager @Veda
Previously a researcher at CERN, the largest physics laboratory in the world, Rishi Patel focuses on the patterns found in data and improving models. He completed his graduate degree at Rutgers and his PhD covered the discovery of the Higgs Boson at CERN.